Resume Tips

Your resume should highlight your experiences, skill sets, accomplishments, education and professional credentials, presenting you in the best possible light to a prospective employer.

You don't have much time to impress with your resume - make sure it stimulates interest within the first few lines. Follow these basic tips:

  • Use bullets not paragraphs in describing your responsibilities/accomplishments
  • Avoid colored paper, fancy fonts, photographs or clever delivery approaches
  • Be truthful and don't be afraid to sell your skills
  • Keep the look simple and make your point quickly
  • Choose strong action verbs
  • Use present tense for your current job, past tense for prior jobs.
  • Avoid speaking about yourself in the third person
  • Tailor your resume for each specific application
  • Be results oriented: give proof to back up your statements.
  • Personal Information: Include your name, full address, telephone numbers (day/evening/mobile) and email address.
  • Try to keep your resume to two pages, one if possible. Longer resumes may mean extraneous information.