Why Use a Recruiter

by: Lisa Evans, Executive Vice President

Using a professional recruiter is advantageous for a number of reasons. Throughout the entire job search/interview process your recruiter will be your advocate and trusted advisor. Your recruiter helps you through the process step by step, from targeting positions, to help drafting your resume, to the interview stages and offer negotiations.

Finding a Job

Your recruiter can not only help to determine which jobs are most appropriate for you, but can even make you aware of jobs that you would not have known about otherwise! Approximately 50% of jobs are not advertised using traditional methods. In fact, many of the best jobs often are not even posted publicly!

Knowing where to look and what firms to target are signs of a good recruiter, a recruiter with a pulse on the market who can make things happen. A good recruiter can actually be instrumental in creating job opportunities where none existed by making a prospective employer aware of a candidate’s profile.

Recruiters develop long-standing relationships with many companies, frequently speaking with HR professionals and hiring managers, ensuring effective communication and an inside track about what’s happening within the company. Recruiters with accurate knowledge of the employer’s hiring needs and culture can prescreen effectively and personally highlight your candidacy.

It is important for your recruiter to have a clear understanding of your background and interest. Also working as "partners" through the job search is the best approach. Inform your recruiter what you are doing with regard to your search in order to avoid duplication. Open, honest communication prevents issues.

Resume Assistance

Your recruiter can work with you to assure that your resume is well-written and detailed, yet concise, describing your skill set clearly. A recruiter will get your resume in front of the right people!

Interview Preparation

Your recruiter wants you to make the best impression possible. Assistance with interview preparation (see our interview guide) is key and often makes the difference between getting an offer or not. Coaching and preparation in order to maximize your interviews is a large part of your recruiter's job, as well as providing important information in advance including:

  • Interviewers' backgrounds/titles/functions (bio’s) and key areas of focus
  • “Hot buttons” to be addressed in the interview, so you focus on pertinent information
  • Due diligence on the company including management team, products and services, information not always readily available on the internet
  • A detailed job description

In addition to interview preparation and scheduling, your recruiter will obtain valuable feedback following the interviews.

Assistance with Negotiations

This is another part of the process in which a recruiter can be extremely helpful. It is important to enter a company at the "right" level. It is essential to have someone representing you with the expertise to negotiate the best financial package. Even relocation packages often require some creativity since not all moves are alike.

Your recruiter can help finesse the timing of your offers, allowing you to complete your interview process in an orderly manner and enabling you to make the best decision possible.


Having an executive recruiter work diligently on your behalf truly benefits all parties. The support you receive throughout the entire process is invaluable in helping you find the right opportunity and achieving a successful outcome.